Workers Compensation: Understand Your Obligations as a Staffing Company

Do you provide workers to other companies in various industries? Do you operate in more than one state or country? Understanding your obligations as an employer-based in one locale when assigning workers to a job in another jurisdiction is a complex process. It gets even more complicated if your business is doing this and you have workers at dozens or even scores of client work sites. You need insurance that understands your worker’s compensation obligations in every jurisdiction and provides a policy that is fair to all your workers, so you are protected in the event of a workplace injury and they are provided for.

Staffing Workers Compensation Insurance

When you work with experts in providing insurance for staffing companies, you get benefits you just won’t find with a general insurer:

Policies designed to fit your obligations in every jurisdiction and industry
A comprehensive review of your clients and growth projections to keep you properly insured as your client base changes
Options that help you meet the needs of your workers as your firm develops
Insight into the costs and obligations involved in future expansions

Advice for the Industries You Operate Within

Staffing companies have their own niches, and not every labor provider will need every kind of coverage. That’s why you need to work with a staffing workers compensation insurance agency who can differentiate the kinds of liability you incur as you send your workers to new sites. Save money and stay protected.