What Does Restaurant Insurance Cover You From?

As a restaurant owner, you know the kind of challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. Will the shipment arrive on time? Do you need additional wait staff? Do your patrons like your food? Is the dining area clean? Is the kitchen area sanitized? While you may think you’re on the ball, unexpected problems are inevitable in your fast-paced industry. Therefore, no restaurant owner should ever go without proper liability protection. Here’s what Hospitality Insurance in Tennessee covers you from.


Even with the proper precautions, bacteria find occasionally find a way in. If you happen to be the source of a Food-Borne Illness, insurance protects you from potential lawsuits. The contamination may in fact originate from your supplier, in which case your policy may compensate you for the loss of inventory.


With slippery floors, a fast-paced dining hall and an ice-covered parking lot, having proper the protection can potentially save your business if one of your employs or guests is injured while on your property.


Restaurant equipment is not cheap, and you want to be prepared in case your stove or deep freeze goes out. Likewise, when the city decides to do a two-month construction project directly in front of your building, insurance can protect you from business interruption and loss of sales.

When shopping for hospitality insurance in Tennessee, choose a provider that specializes in your industry. While business may be booming, you should never take the risk of operating while unprotected.