Updating Your Agent Insurance Marketing Strategy

For many of those in the business, Agent Insurance Marketing has become something agents need to do more of in order to get an edge on competitors vying for the same types of clients. They may struggle a bit with digital marketing at first, only sending out a tweet every now and then, or passing on some insurance-related news they came across. Many agents however, see the potential for digital marketing as a viable resource, understanding that the use of current digital marketing techniques involve tons of social media marketing, which is ideal for insurance agents looking to increase their exposure.

A FAQ Section for Visitors Can Make an Impact

Insurance is something that many business owners have a hard time grasping. They know they need certain coverage, but may not know the functions of a specific policy. A really great way to break through to them is by inviting them to ask questions pertaining to their insurance needs. This is easily accomplished through social media, or through blogs, or on your website. Make a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and provide these answers, which many visitors may find to be helpful.

Everyone appreciates a little free and friendly advice from an insurance expert and what better way to make an impact. After all, much of marketing for insurance is about building trust and there’s no better way to build trust than to answer insurance questions without asking for anything in return. If people find your answers helpful, that’s a great endorsement for you and can lead to more valuable prospects.

Consider the fact that people research insurance online all the time, often looking up policies they have an interest in, or just to seek advice. You can become the go-to- guy (or gal) by having informative blogs and other resources on your site to help capture some of this audience. The idea is to make people want to work with you. By helping a business owner with their own research, chances are they’ll come back and before you know it they’ll want information from you about specific policies and prices.

Agent Insurance Marketing isn’t just about creating content, it requires you to be proactive as well. Social media is a vital tool and sharing content across social channels can make or break your campaign.