Types of Employee Benefits

When you are researching benefits options to provide for your employees, there are many packages to choose from. The truth is, the best employee benefits are the ones that your employees can actually use. To find out which ones those are, why not simply ask?

Before discussing ideas with your work team, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of the most popular types of benefits out there.

Health Insurance

Given the high costs of medical expenses in the United States, health care insurance is one of the most popular and highly-sought benefits out there.

Health Saving Accounts

Again, because of high health care costs, another popular benefit is health savings accounts. It is not uncommon for emergency bills to exceed insurance caps, so you can use these accounts to cover any necessary health care costs after you have maxed out your spending limit. You can even use them for prescriptions and medical supplies.


Although teeth are undoubtedly part of your health, they are under a separate category for most insurance purposes. Nonetheless, this is another top benefit that many employers provide.

Paid Time Off

Life balance is important. Fortunately, employers are taking more notice. As such, another popular benefit is paid time off. For many businesses, this includes both paid sick leave as well as paid vacation time.

Your employees will tell you which benefits matter most to them. Remember to listen.