Tips for Websites for Insurance Agents

There are things that most designers understand will help or hinder your efforts to sell your insurance services online. Any success your website enjoys is generally due to the design and layout, which can either be inviting or distracting to visitors to your site. When considering what needs to be done when planning websites for insurance agents, keep in mind that there are certain things that will help attract people to the site.

Insurance isnt a flashy business so try not to distract visitors with flashing or scrolling text, and avoid animated GIFs as well. Visitors will find it much more difficult to concentrate on reading your content if there are things constantly moving around the page, therefore keep your visitors interests in mind. Never mind designing the site for personal satisfaction, but rather design it for the people who will actually be making use of it.

Make the home page easy to find

Add a link to the home page in the site’s navigation and also make the company logo clickable and place it on the top of every page. This will help when people get lost and just want to get back to their original starting point. Make sure that your navigation menus are in the right place as well. The sites navigation menu should always be located in the most obvious and easy to find location.

Also realize that, if the page is too long is makes it less likely that people will actually read the entire thing. Limit each page to no more than two screen lengths of information, which really works best. The only exception to this might be for articles, because they are, by nature, longer in length.

Try to remember not to underline words if they’re not links as this is often confusing and some might even consider it aggravating. On the Internet, something that’s underlined is just naturally assumed to be a link. We understand that while you may be trying to emphasize a point, by underlining needlessly, users are likely to become annoyed when they try to click on these words. When going for emphasis, try using italics, bold or colored text if you feel the need to emphasize.

Designing websites for insurance agents isn’t all that difficult. Plus, there are plenty of examples of both good and bad sites to help in making some important decisions.