Tips for Successful SEO for Insurance Agencies

Without search engine optimization (SEO), most websites will never achieve their goal of bringing traffic and customers to their business. The insurance market has quite a lot of competition, and no one can afford to risk their site getting lost in the shuffle, and unless they become proactive about making sure it ranks highly for the appropriate keyword that is likely to be the result. Consider these three top SEO tips for insurance agencies that should prove quite helpful in the quest for a fully developed insurance website that will attract visitors in droves.


Use the Long Tail approach


Due to the high competition for most major insurance keywords, the idea is to find keywords that other agents or agencies aren’t necessarily targeting. One method for achieving this aim will be through the use of long-tail keywords. For example, it will be much harder to rank well for keywords like “flood insurance” or “malpractice insurance”, as this would just end up competing against most of the big companies in the insurance market.


However, by choosing long-tail keywords such as “car insurance in Hollywood Florida” will more likely achieve a better ranking and search engine results. Selecting the right low-competition keywords enables agencies to rank higher, provided that these search terms are optimally used in articles.


Create quality content


High quality, informative blogs and articles must play a vital role in search engine optimization efforts in order to be successful. There is value to creating engaging content for websites and the competition has probably implemented a content marketing strategy to increase their web presence, so don’t get left behind. Many Internet marketers and website owners have utilized keyword-stuffed and poorly written posts in an attempt to trick search engines into ranking their sites higher.


Fortunately major search engines like Google consistently update their algorithms to weed out poorly constructed websites that don’t really offer any true value to Internet users, which is why it’s important to produce high-quality content written specifically for the audience. Consistency is key for content strategies, and by posting on a regular basis, that quality content will keep visitors coming back time and again.


Social media is another vital tool


Use Google+, Facebook and Twitter along with other social media platforms to improve business. Interesting posts and videos attract users since these prospects learn about the company, making it easier to convert then into customers, proving how SEO for insurance agencies is a road paved with success!


photo credit: paul bica cc