The Basics of USLH Insurance Requirements

A business that is involved in the recreational marine industry often needs to take additional steps in order to stay properly protected. Companies that operate on or near large bodies of water in the United States are required by law to meet specific standards. If youre not familiar with the United States Longshore & Harbor Act, then now is the time to ensure you are adhering to the strict regulations put forth by the government. Review these points to learn more about your options.

Gain Perspective on Regulations

The first thing to understand about USL&H insurance requirements is that it is meant to fill gaps that are created in the area of workers compensation. If one of your dock workers or associated contractors is injured or becomes ill while conducting operations, it might not be covered by a standard policy. USL&H coverage helps to protect your workers and meet the regulations of the government. The policy will not always be required, however, so it is best to review requirements in advance. Businesses requiring this coverage tend to include:

  • Ship repairers
  • Boat dealers
  • Marine artisans

Understand the Basics

By researching the details of important acts like USL&H, you can give yourself insight on what choices are best for your business. Review the ins and outs of your insurance options and discover a policy that helps you find the success youre after.