Taking Care of a Dirty Hull

As much as one can love the smell of salty fresh air and the rolling waves on open water, the weather and elements of the sea can wreak havoc on the exterior of a boat. Whether its crusted barnacles or other microorganisms, cleaning the hull of a boat is critical to the safe operations of the watercraft. Many owners don’t have the skills to perform routine maintenance, so a company that provides these services is highly desired. Before you advertise and market your skill set, be sure you have obtained a strong boat cleaning insurance policy.

Concerns with Boat Cleaning

There are many risks involved with cleaning the bottom of a boat, but the two primary concerns are safety and property damage. To fully protect your client and your company, carry a minimum of one million dollars in liability and workers comp coverage.
Carrying a strong boat cleaning insurance policy is one way to ensure your company’s longevity.

If you want your company to be the best in the business, make sure your divers do the following:

Clean the boat with environmentally safe products
Remove all barnacle growth from the hull and running gear
Examine the boat for peeling paint, blisters, and delamination
Report corrosion, surface pitting, and zinc degradation to the owner
Thorough remove any clean any growth on the hull and AC intake