Clever Social Media Posts Can Be Key to Insurance Marketing

As any good agency knows a significant portion of prospects and potential customers use social media as part of their daily routine. One way to improve current insurance marketing growth is through establishing a social media following on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is a process that can take a lot of time; so the sooner the agency establishes itself with an online presence, the better.


Growing a social media following and networking now will allow for more access to new leads and a greater marketing pool moving forward. While it may take time and a lot of dedication, it really is the easiest ways to gain followers.


The company’s agents are a vital resource because they are truly the “face” of the agency. Ensure that they’re reminding customers to “like” the agency on Facebook to receive important updates and notices. Many social media management companies can improve on the number of visitors to a site with regular social media posts, but agents in the office can truly help to grow a large social media following.


Increase potential by amassing blog content


Consider getting that content marketing strategy started now. Begin forming ideas early about subjects to blog on, and then have blogs written out in advance, which will allow for posting them when needed (for those agencies that are quite busy later in the year and don’t need to have the added stress over writing these articles). Quickly post articles, share them on social media and get back to writing the business that will surely come from those great posts.


Finding fresh content to share on social media can take a huge amount of time and often leads to a large distraction. Consider taking a week or two to compile an entire year of social media posts or ideas. Look for easy subjects, like “National Secretary’s Day” or other fun, yet little known national celebrations. Try to mix it up with some informative, some fun, and some slightly serious blogs, always keeping the business in mind, in order to help keep followers engaged. Let’s be honest, insurance marketing can be a challenge, but by keeping it light, there’s a better chance the audience will be happy, and will revisit the page over and over.


photo credit: Jason A. Howie cc