Safety Management and Auto Dealership Insurance

Auto dealers have a slew of risks in their daily operations that they must be proactive about exposing, analyzing and managing in order to make their business a safe place for customers and employees. After all, one serious accident can result in an injury or a death that could cost the company millions. Preventing these types of instances from occurring is vital to the continued successful operations of these companies.

Auto Dealership Insurance is the best way to ensure that a company can properly deal with an accident that leads to an injured party seeking retribution in court, or a costly workers compensation claim when the injured party is an employee of the company. While separate policies are required (workers comp and general liability), the first line of defense should be a safety program, which should include extensive training.

Have a Written Safety Policy

Posting signs is certainly helpful, but a written safety policy means that everyone has been alerted to what the company expects from them during the course of a routine workday. The success of any loss prevention program depends on everyone in the organization being aware of the safety expectations of their job.

Communicating the actions necessary in order to obtain these goals, as well as properly training employees on their specific duties and the types of hazards to identify and prevent, will hopefully lead to a successful risk management plan.

It is also extremely important to ensure that owners provide a written description of the physical requirements of each job and select employees that are able to meet those requirements and have the ability to perform the job as required.

New employees should be properly trained as well

Before they pick up a tool or get behind the wheel of a vehicle, new hires should be given a rigorous test on all safety rules and understand what they need to do in the event of an emergency. Teaching all employees the proper way to perform their job is vital to the success of any organization. Accidents, while often avoidable, are an inevitable part of any business, and for car dealers, having adequate auto dealership insurance is of the utmost importance.