Reduce Hospitalizations and Costs with Palliative Care

Individualizing healthcare has spurred the rise of more home healthcare services. Patients want and benefit from customized healthcare options resulting in fewer hospitalizations. Protect the customized healthcare your business provides with wholesale home healthcare insurance. The benefits of palliative care for end-of-life care help patients, staff and families.

Lower Costs

Patients who spend less time in hospitals have lower healthcare costs than those who dont. Caring for patients nearing the end of their lives requires compassion and proactive care. Lowering those costs helps the families of those patients continue to care for their loved ones and lower the burden once the patient has passed on.

Positive Effects

Palliative care has been shown in numerous studies to have positive effects on the outcomes and experiences of patients. In palliative care, the community puts the patient and their familys decisions, desires and goals first.

Reduced Hospitalizations

Hospitalists managing cancer and chronically diseased patients should consider referring them to palliative care. It helps lower overall healthcare costs but also lowers the patients risk of rehospitalization. Hospitals feel pressured to lower their risk of recurrent hospitalizations and palliative care is one way to lower those numbers.

Caring for patients in home health environments can be a rewarding adventure. Lower the costs of running your compassionate business with wholesale home healthcare insurance.