warehouse legal liability in Orlando

Providing Storage Facilities and Common Concerns

The warehousing industry is one of the world’s largest. People who need a place to store goods often seek out companies that provide these types of services. For a price, a warehouseman’s main business is that of receiving and storing goods for others. They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and items placed in storage can vary in value from relatively worthless to highly valuable artifacts.

The warehouseman may be unaware of the value or identity of the goods. But by accepting these items for storage and safekeeping, the warehouseman then becomes responsible in the event that the property in his or her possession winds up stolen, or is somehow damaged due to fire, water damage or the potential to become contaminated by some means. Since the warehouseman’s responsibility for the care of such goods may exceed expectations it only makes sense to carry a policy that provides for warehouse legal liability in Orlando should a problem arise.

Warehousing plays a major role in our economy

Once a direct adjunct to the railroad industry, warehousing has become a multi-faceted public and private sector venture for many entrepreneurs. With the growth of the warehousing business and its important role in US commerce, we now have federal and state laws governing the liability and practices of warehousemen. These laws are meant to impose the measure of legal responsibility for stored goods, which may make it necessary that they be provided for inspection, as well as regulated through the issuance of warehouse receipts, often used as security for loans.

Warehousemen may be public, privately owned, or bonded. A public warehouseman is one whose service is available to anyone willing to pay the costs and must abide by the warehouseman’s terms of storage. Warehouses controlled by department stores, chain stores, manufacturers or distributors are classified as private storage facilities, often located at or near the parent company’s main plant. Branch or field warehouses of these private facilities are often located in various places nearest to areas of distribution to customers. A bonded warehouse is one where imports are stored pending payment by the owner of an import duty.

A warehouseman may be found liable for representations made to customers that extend beyond the liability agreed to in the warehousing receipt, creating additional concerns. Speak to an agent regarding warehouse legal liability in Orlando to determine the right policy for your needs.