What Protection Comes From Errors and Omissions Insurance for Engineers?

If you are an engineer, you know that it can be extremely stressful to make sure that you are not only providing your clients with 100 percent satisfaction, but also that your projects can withstand the test of time while simultaneously meeting all local laws and regulations. Errors and omissions insurance for engineers, also known as Professional Liability Insurance, can protect your engineering business and its employees if ever your client sues you for potential mistakes that may have resulted in his or her financial loss.

Possible Mishaps

Errors and omissions insurance for engineers will help pay for costs related to lawsuits, including those that are unfounded, for the following potential mishaps and more.

  • Unfulfilled promises regarding project completion time or dependability of finished project
  • Carelessness that results in property damage
  • Poor execution that leads to inadequate results
  • Forgetfulness that results in unfulfilled client expectations

Anything but perfect execution on a finished product can result in financial ruin for your engineering firm. In this business, the stakes are high without the proper insurance coverage.

Customize a Plan that Meets Your Unique Needs

When you are ready to invest in errors and omissions insurance for engineers, contact a trusted insurance agent who specializes in the engineering industry. He or she can help you customize a plan that caters to the unique needs of your engineering firm.


photo credit: crises_crs cc