Protecting Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

Though technology has made it much easier for businesses across industries to work more efficiently and accurately, the increased reliance on network connections and digital devices has created a great threat in the area of cybersecurity. There are a number of liabilities that criminals and hackers of the dark web can exploit for their own gain.

More Than Just Physical Protection

Your business needs more than just strong firewalls and antivirus software to be protected from malware, data breaches, or phishing attacks. Without network security insurance, your company bears the financial strain of having to resolve litigation or pay settlements for cyberattacks that were successful. There are a number of things a hacker or cybercriminal could do, whether it is stealing the personal information of your clients, holding your data for ransom, or making fraudulent transfers or transactions and siphoning your companys funds.

Insurance for Cyberattacks

Insurance covering network security handles the third party claims that allege there was a breach of their computer systems or devices or their data storage units. Covered areas generally include attacks where denial of service occurs, offline or online theft occurrence, and the transmission of malicious code or viruses. Financial support addresses the legal costs, potential reputation management, and settlement payouts.

Cybersecurity threats will continue to grow as tech continues to advance and improve. Protect your company with an insurance plan that addresses these specific risks.