commercial property insurance

Property Coverage: Insuring the Literal Foundation of Your Business

As business owners work to protect their operations from lawsuits, inventory shortages and all sorts of other financial pitfalls, there is a tendency to overlook the most important coverage of all: the property on which your company stands. While virtually no one forgets to acquire some form of commercial property insurance, too many business owners don’t take enough time to find the right type of coverage for their property and particular business practices. Insuring a building with a generic policy isn’t enough; you need coverage specific to your location and industry.

Beyond the physical structure that needs protecting, commercial property insurance helps in a variety of other instances. If you have either inventory or heavy machinery to protect, that should be included in your plan. Depending on the region where you work, you may need increased protection from vandalism. No business in Orlando is safe from the weather, making that coverage an immensely important part of your policy.

No matter what type of business you conduct or where your company is located, property coverage should be thoroughly addressed. In some cases, you may be able to bundle property and liability coverage, but that should only be done in the right circumstances. Reach out to local agents so you can find out who’s best qualified to provide your coverage.