Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses

Nursing can be difficult career, especially when the patient is in ill health and requires substantial amounts of care. Your clients working in the nursing profession, due to conditions such as these, have concerns when it comes to professional liability issues. They could all end up facing a claim of negligence or be accused of other acts that could eventually cause them some serious financial loss or hardship. They may unintentionally create an exposure to a liability claim while engaging in their duties or related activities revolving around the normal course of doing their job.

People are quick to file a lawsuit in what we commonly refer to as the current litigious environment we live in and therefore your clients should take advantage of the benefits they can receive from professional liability insurance for nurses in order to protect their own financial interests. It just takes one disgruntled patient who feels he or she has been the victim of negligence, or that the services they received resulted in suffering due to the performance (or nonperformance) of their attending nurse.

A policy that can truly provide benefits

Allied Healthcare facilities and the diverse staff of individuals working there need a policy that is tailored to meet their specific needs and address certain risks. For example, when providing medical services, such as home health care or engaging in other programs for the elderly and young children, many nurses will unwittingly become vulnerable to allegations of abuse, both physical and sexual, often unwarranted accusations. This policy is designed to address these issues. Those in the nursing profession need an insurance product with the intention being to mitigate these types of risks.

Negligence suits arise quite often due to the nurses failure to perform according to known standards of conduct in his or her field. Generally it must be found that there was a close relationship between the negligent acts and the damage that they caused. Because the consequences of such suits can be severe from a financial standpoint it’s critical that your insureds recognize these exposures for what they are and purchase professional liability insurance for nurses in order to deal with these issues when need be.