Pleasure Boat Insurance Wholesalers and the Dangers of Ship Repairs

Most pleasure boat insurance wholesalers will help their clients come up with sound insurance solutions for this dynamic industry. On that note, workers face many situations and conditions that could result in serious injury. Whether they’re welding, cutting, or grinding steel, aluminum, lead, or wood, these types of activities can easily lead to a claim when they become hurt as a result of this difficult work.

This should be enough to convince your clients that their business needs workers compensation (WC) insurance for ship builders and repairers, as they consider the many tools, processes, and materials used by their employees for their daily work. During the performing of many of these duties, toxic fumes and particles can quite easily be inhaled by workers, resulting in respiratory problems, and in worst-case scenarios, someone could end up the victim of poisoning. This could lead to hospitalization, and could be extremely costly without the necessary WC insurance in place.

Other dangers related to this type of work

Among the most common injuries faced by ship repairers are welding-related burns. During ship-repair operations, much of the equipment in use is extremely noisy. The company should provide adequate hearing protection as workers who go without may experience hearing loss. The elements also play an important role in protecting workers. Working outside in extreme cold or heat may lead to frost bite, heat exhaustion, or dehydration.

Arc welding is routinely performed and generates ultraviolet radiation magnified by the argon gas used in the process. Constant exposure can result in welders falling victim to conjunctivitis. Shipbuilding and repair can often require working at great heights. Workers need to wear the proper gear to avoid falling and being severely injured. Fall injuries are rather common, and usually result from scaffold and ladder failures or unstable work platforms. Another thing to consider is that if a worker falls from a deck or dry docks they could accidentally drown, especially if not wearing a proper life jacket.

Another concern that is often voiced by many pleasure boat insurance wholesalers is
employing divers who conduct ship repairs underwater. They’re prone to injuries from surfacing to quickly, can experience decompression sickness, and when arc welding, they’re at serious risk of being electrocuted. And, of course, any diver is at risk of drowning. Protect your clients by imploring them to make a WC policy one of their first priorities.