Some Owners Require Dangerous Dog Insurance

Dogs that are categorized as dominant or aggressive by nature are seen as overly protective of their possessions or owners and tend to come off as threatening. This behavior generally results in people, even members of your own family, ending up the recipient of a dog bite. While a person is less likely to be sued by a family member, some type of dangerous dog insurance should be in place in any event.

You should know that getting dog bite quotes for insurance is a fairly simple process. There are insurers willing to sell insurance to people living under these circumstances. For example, if your pet attacks dogs and other animals without provocation, or attempts to sexually mount peoples legs, often chases cars and bicycles, or growls and snaps when petted or groomed, you have a dog that fits into this category.

Early signs you have an aggressive dog

One of the early signs that indicates that you’re dog may be overtly aggressive is if they show dominant gestures like growling while guarding their food dish. They should immediately be scolded for this sort of behavior. Another common trait is that he or she will ignore commands or wander away during walks and try to escape.

Dogs that have dominant type aggression display confidence, even in new situations. They tend to stand with their heads erect and their ears bent forward, wag their tails proudly and stare intently at strange people and pets, and will often emit a low steady growl, or when feeling challenged, they curl their lips and expose their teeth.

Finding the right solutions

Obedience school can be very helpful with this form of aggression. Gaining control of the dog means dominating every aspect of the dogs life, and this means controlling situations such as when feeding the dog, do not let it eat until given a command, and purchase a muzzle to be put on after feedings. Don’t allow your dog to sleep in the bed or even in the bedroom, and, during playtime, should you not let the dog end up with the ball or rope at the end of a game such as tug-of-war. This will assert your position as being the one who is in charge.

If the dog has already begun to show aggressive and uncontrollable behavior, you might consider hiring a professional dog trainer. Still, you’ll need the protection of dangerous dog insurance for those times when your pet gets out of hand.