Occupational Safety in Boatbuilding

Boatbuilding requires formidable skill and craftsmanship. Some of the work that goes into constructing a vessel can be dangerous, so boat builders must be conscientious about safety.

Personal Protective Equipment

Builders may need to use many different forms of Personal Protective Equipment over the course of their work. PPE can prevent an injury or reduce the severity of an injury:

  • Gloves protect against laceration during sawing and planing;
  • Eyewear prevents corneal injury; and
  • Masks protect workers from noxious inhalation.

Wearing personal protective equipment is a fundamental part of occupational safety for boat builders. Builders must use PPE equipment consistently. 

Equipment and Tool Safety

Building a boat generally requires complex equipment and tools. Builders need to exercise great care when using saws, drills, and similar materials. Regular maintenance can ensure that equipment is in safe and operable condition.

Chemical Hazards

Boat builders may use chemicals to create polymer membranes that form waterproof seals. Builders may also use chemicals to apply stains or sealants to a craft’s exterior surfaces. It is important that they familiarize themselves with the risks associated with the use of various chemicals and take appropriate precautions.

Prioritizing safety is important in boatbuilding. Establishing and consistently following safety policies can effectively reduce builders’ risk of injury.