How to Obtain Good CT Home Insurance Quotes

Some people find that shopping for home insurance can be an intimidating and stressful process. Rather than getting all hot and bothered, take the time to start shopping for homeowners insurance once your purchase offer gets accepted. Here we would like to present you with a few tips about home insurance quotes in ct, and buying a policy, that are designed to save you time and money.

When you contact your insurance agent he or she will need to get some extensive information from you in order to quote you the best rate for the policy. They will ask you certain types of questions that will help to determine insurability, such as:

  • When was the home built?
  • How old is the plumbing and electrical?
  • What type of roof, and what shape is it in?
  • What is the square footage of the home and property?
  • Where is the home located?

A home that is located in a rural area is easier to insure if there is a nearby fire department or a fire hydrant located on the same street, otherwise obtaining insurance could be difficult. You may have to inquire about coverage through a specialty or surplus lines company but getting a quote will often take longer.

Policy options available

You do have choices on your home insurance policy that you can tailor to fit your needs. First-time home-buyers often overlook liability coverage as a part of a homeowners insurance policy. This coverage is quite important since it protects the insured against claims arising from bodily injury and property damage to others. When getting home insurance quotes in ct ask about this important aspect of your overall coverage.

For example, if someone gets hurt on your property and requires medical treatment, or your son accidentally sets your neighbor’s house on fire, your liability coverage would pay for these types of damage. There is so much at stake and there are so many potential hazards associated with owning a house that by not having liability coverage you could find yourself experiencing a total loss from a financial standpoint.

You should also call your agent and review your homeowners policy at least every couple of years or so. As your needs change, so does the market change along with coverage options. Staying up to date on your insurance is important because you never know when you’ll need to depend on it.