Nursing Home Insurance Cost and Breakdown Coverage

Nursing homes have to maintain a certain level of quality of care and comfort for their residents. While there are many benefits to nursing home and assisted living care, the many risks involved in caring for the elderly must also be taken into account. Equipment used for heating and cooling the environment is expensive to maintain, and boiler and machinery insurance, just one of the many policies related to nursing home insurance cost, is required for the maintenance and repair of equipment that may be subject to breakdown on occasion.

Whenever a facility depends on many types of electrical, mechanical and computer-controlled equipment to support operations, they’re also going to need assurance that the equipment, subject to breakdown, can be repaired without it requiring out-of-pocket expense due to a lack of coverage.

Electricity is critical to most facilities

It’s important that owners are equipped with emergency generators to support critical functions during electrical service interruptions. The equipment is subject to many types of malfunctions, including electrical arcing of generator windings and mechanical damage to diesel engine push rods and exhaust valves. Electrical breakdown is perhaps the most frequent type of loss, often crippling the facilities ability to properly care for residents in cases where the outage last for several hours.

This can lead to significant property damage and interruption of normal operations for days at a time until repairs can be made or replacements can be installed. Because of the frail nature of many residents, being without air, heat, or proper ventilation could be cause for concern. A qualified service technician should inspect boilers and pressure vessels on a routine schedule, services that are provided at no charge as part of most equipment breakdown coverage.

Equipment that would no longer be available during an outage

Consider all of the different components needed to properly operate most facilities of this type. During a power outage your client could be without communications equipment, computers, circuit breakers, distribution systems, switchboards, and transformers.

Loss of boilers and pressure vessels

In addition, air conditioning units, boilers, fired vessels and water heaters, medical sterilizers and refrigeration units would all be compromised, as would X-ray machines, defibrillators and oxygen concentrators. In addition to an immediate plan to deal with the care of the residents, your client needs a policy to get into recovery mode. Discuss nursing home insurance cost so that your clients can get the protection they need right now.