NJ Home Insurance and a Swimming Pool Safety Plan

NJ Home Insurance and a Swimming Pool Safety Plan

Homeowners who have a swimming pool on their premises also have a considerable amount of risk compared to those without pools. Your NJ home insurance rates, for one thing, will be higher, and the exposures from allowing friends, children, neighbors and others the use or access to the pool contributes to the possibility of perils associated with residents having a pool.

The need for safety measures and awareness of these hazards is obvious, as well as vital in the prevention of accidents and mishaps. Consider some of these important safety warnings to aid in the proper use and care of your swimming pool.

Important pool safety tips

Supervision is key when it comes to pool safety, but supervision combined with a variety of safety devices such as fences, latched gates, locked doors, pool safety covers and alarms goes even further toward drowning prevention. Also, remember to encourage neighbors, family, friends, and baby-sitters to follow pool safety instructions. Standard pool safety procedures include the following:

  • High locks on the access doors to the pool area
  • Door alarms on all doors reachable by small children
  • A locked fence separating the pool from the house and other yard areas
  • Water survival training for children (as soon as they are capable of crawling or walking to the pool)

The following rules and precautions should also be followed diligently. Have adult-supervised swimming at all times and do not place anything near the fence that can be used by small children to climb up and over the fence. Ensure house doors do not open directly into the pool area (there should be a second self-locking gate installed prior to entering the direct pool area). Make sure to store chemicals in a high, out of reach area so they cannot be accessed or knocked over by children.

Equipment recommendations

For added protection, the owner might want to consider installing or having security cameras in the pool area to maintain contact with those using the pool. Also purchase pool safety covers that do not retain water on the topside. Keep rescue equipment in the pool area and secure all drain covers and automatic drain suction shut-off devices. Install non-skid surfaces on diving boards and the immediate area surrounding the pool. These measures should prevent the possibility of any accidents or injuries due to insufficient equipment or devices. These added measures can also result in discounts on NJ home insurance premiums.