insurance for marinas

For Marinas, Comprehensive Insurance Is a Smart Investment

Marinas are unique places. Not only do they host frequent visitors, they house expensive boats and other vessels. For marina owners, protecting company assets without the right insurance for marinas can be tricky. Informed owners often choose to purchase a comprehensive package after consulting with an experienced agent.

Planning for Everyday Occurrences

Given the nature of their business model, marinas encounter hazards daily. Members may slip on the pooled water in an entryway or fall into deep water near a dock. Meanwhile, boats may float into other vessels, causing serious damage. Accordingly, marina owners often plan for everyday occurrences by purchasing the following insurance:

  • Facility and grounds coverage
  • Member property coverage
  • Hull and liability coverage
  • General business coverage

Getting Special Events Right

Most marinas host special events that expose them to additional liability. For these, marina owners often purchase the following coverage:

  • Sailing school training
  • Regatta liability
  • Chartering
  • Race management

Since marina owners usually aren’t insurance experts, most opt to discuss their insurance needs with a provider who understands boats and marinas. Whether a marina is large or small, it faces risks that other businesses easily avoid. To protect assets and avoid liability, owners often purchase comprehensive insurance for marinas. With the right agent and an appropriate package, marinas generally have the ability to thrive.