Linen Supply Companies and Insurance Coverage Needs

The job of a linen supply company is to provide services to companies or individuals in need of linens; often for an event they are throwing or attending. As a supplier, its your job to provide linens in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to clients for all types of occasions. You probably list among your clients hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and many other companies requiring your products and services.

Your customers look to you to furnish them with everything from table coverings to towels, napkins and other supplies. Therefore, your business requires you to operate a lot of expensive equipment, along with having several employees to help run the operation. This means you have quite a few exposures that you must protect against with Linen Supply Companies insurance for any number of risks that exist in the daily running of your business.

Many insurance options to consider

There are a variety of insurance policies applicable to a linen supply business, including general liability (GL), which is a standard policy that all businesses should carry. For instance, if a client slips and falls and is badly hurt as a result of their fall on your premises, you will be deemed responsible for their injury. General liability will cover those costs.

Premises liability provides coverage for any accidents or injuries that occur on your property. A completed operations policy is for any services you provide that might in turn cause damage or injury to property belonging to others.

Business auto insurance is the commercial auto policy that covers you for things like car accidents and theft. You may also choose to add theft and vandalism coverage as well. Business property provides for a number of accidents and unexpected events that could occur on your property, all of which pose a significant risk for your linen supply services business. For example, a fire or flood could easily destroy all of your merchandise.

Workers compensation is necessary for workers that are at risk for any number of injuries, including exposure to chemicals, injury to their eyes, or severe skin irritation. Crime insurance provides protection against theft, embezzlement, fraudulent activity and vandalism that might occur. Many businesses now choose cyber liability insurance as protection against cyber crimes, since many companies have fallen prey to being hacked for their private and confidential information.

Protecting your business from risks should always be your top priority. Speak to an agent who can offer suggestions for the best Linen Supply Companies insurance to help keep you from suffering any sort of severe financial loss.