Keep Your Valuables Insured And Covered

No matter what kind of house you live in, you likely have important personal items inside that you care about keeping safe. When a natural disaster like a flood or a fire threatens to cause you harm, you may not have time to prepare to take your personal possessions out of the house.

What It Is

Valuable personal property insurance can often help you if you have many important items that you cannot cover under a regular property insurance policy. In the event that these expensive or pricy personal items become damaged or get stolen, you can rely on this coverage.

What It Covers

Wedding rings, vintage bottles of wine, fine art, and many other valuables you own can qualify for valuable personal property insurance. You may have owned these items a long time and hope to pass them down to your children or grandchildren.

How to Start

Snapping photos of all these items and jewelry is the first step to making sure you can find the right coverage you need for your assets. You want to check and write down everything in your inventory or storage areas that you want to show an insurance agent.

Taking the time to think about your valuable personal property and how you want to insure it can help you make decisions that are right for you.