Insurance that Works for Your Business

Your business may not actually own any vehicles, but with more companies being mobile it might be time to consider a business auto insurance policy for the vehicles that are driven. Some people aren’t aware that their personal auto insurance may not cover business use. Myers Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that works for your business and give you tips about using personal vehicles to perform business tasks.

Specialty Insurance Available

In addition to regular business auto insurance that covers business-owned vehicles, Myers Insurance Agency offers these types of policies:

  • Trailer Insurance to cover trailers which haul equipment for business purposes
  • Any auto liability covers any vehicle, including non-owned autos when used for business purposes

Imagine the risk to your business if you sent your office manager to the bank to make a deposit in his or her own vehicle and it caused an accident. Who might be liable? Your business probably has deeper pockets than your employee, which might mean that the lawyers would come after your organization as well as the staff member.

Myers Insurance Agency works with your business to ensure that you have the protection you need to manage your business risks. Discuss how you do business with your agent, so that you can get the right recommendations to suit your needs.