Insurance for Professional Photographer

Photography is a fun hobby. There are many beautiful sights in the world and wonderful moments in life to capture images of. Human beings for the most part are visual creatures and photographs are a great way to remember people, places, and good times. Professional photography is a rewarding field and one where you can express your creativity. Photographers should be insured as accidents can happen to anyone in any profession. 

General Liability Insurance

Photographer general liability insurance is important for any pro shutterbug. Photoshoots happen in studios, in people’s homes and offices, and on location in many kinds of places, indoors and outside. Accidents can and do happen and they can cause injuries or property damage to models, customers, or third parties. Paying out of pocket can be very expensive and a lawsuit could bankrupt your business.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance is also important for commercial photographers. Dissatisfied clients can be problematic. A client who is not happy with the quality of the work you supply may decide to sue you for breach of contract. Even if you win your case, legal fees add up and if you lose and the client is awarded damages, you’ll want coverage to pay for it.

Being a photographer is a creative job that can be fun and exciting. As with any other field, liability insurance is a good thing to have to protect you and your business.