Insurance Agent Marketing Ideas That Work

While being an insurance agent is about selling services and products, it also involves being something of a marketing specialist. This means finding unique and inventive ways to bring attention to the products and services you provide, which will hopefully make it less difficult to find potential clients. While it may be somewhat challenging, this will allow for a bit of creativity on your part, as well as some imagination when it comes to formulating your particular insurance agent marketing strategies.

There are already thousands of ideas at your disposal, now it’s just a matter of designing them to work for your target audience in the various markets you serve. One of the first thing you need to consider is the fact that people aren’t often comfortable sharing their financial information with just anyone. This means taking the time to build and establish relationships in order to gain trust. This is an ideal place to begin your marketing efforts.

A great place to find your audience is at conventions

Agents attending conventions often come away with leads and inquiries, and this is a great place to distribute your business cards. Popular events are electronics or car shows because they always draw large crowds and are extremely popular. If you sell auto insurance or home insurance, what better way to approach potential customers than at a show dedicated to the types of items you sell insurance for? Electronic shows are great because most businesses rely on electronics to some degree. This is the perfect venue for discussing all of the risks and exposures associated with computers, laptops and smartphones.

Folks attending these shows are often excited to meet someone knowledgeable (and willing to talk with passion about new gadgets or the latest models coming out), so do your homework first, because by engaging with them they’re more likely to warm up to you, and then simply offer them a business card, which won’t seem at all out of place.

You may even want to introduce yourself to the promoter and offer to help organize an upcoming event, perhaps show your willingness to speak at a conference, and offer to ask those insurance companies you do business with to also participate. They might even be willing to show support by providing sponsorship money for advertising and may even offer a prize giveaway. This is a prime example of how to take insurance agent marketing strategies and breath some new life into them.