Alpine Commercial Insurance

What is Included in Business Owners Policy Insurance

As a business owner, you need to protect your company from the many things that could go wrong. A Business Owners Policy can give you the assurance you need to run your business confidently. Your BOP with Alpine Commercial Insurance can be as unique as your company. However, there are a few basics that these policies typically cover.

Property Coverage

The property coverage in your Alpine Commercial Insurance covers the building in which you have your business and its contents. If thieves take your belongings or your building is damaged in a natural disaster, your BOP can pay for replacement and repairs. Be sure to check with your carrier about specific coverages.

Liability Coverage

What happens if someone is injured on your business property? What if something you manufacture causes a lawsuit? Your BOP provider can create a policy that covers these liabilities and more. This type of insurance can help save your business from financial ruin in the case of any perceived wrongdoing.

And More

The point of a BOP is to role your business insurance into one great policy. Your business is unique, so your insurance coverage should be as well. Your insurance agent may recommend adding income loss protection, equipment breakdown coverage, or other insurance to your BOP. The exact contents of your policy should depend on your industry, business size, and other factors.