Improve Access To Capital With a Loss Portfolio Transfer

Running a business can often be an incredibly expensive endeavor. Try as you might to keep overhead costs down, there will always be surprise expenses that come about and disrupt your operations. Unfortunately, such financial setbacks can lead to issues with cash flow. Without access to working capital, your business wont be able to guarantee that it can cover essential costs like paying employees and vendors. Thankfully, certain services exist to help businesses through these ordeals.

Consider a Loss Transfer

When it comes to your insurance coverage, loss portfolio transfer might be a useful way of stimulating cash flow. Since claims put in against your insurance can cause rates and premiums to skyrocket, you want to do your part to mitigate your losses. One way to do this is with a transfer of your losses. This allows you to transfer workers comp liabilities to the insurer in order to guarantee your premium. The benefits that come along with this service can include:

  • Better management of your working capital
  • Ability to pursue opportunities for growth
  • Coverage that reflects your industry risks

Discover the Perfect Solution

Though budget concerns are always a part of running a business, you dont have to be held prisoner by your finances. Learn more about using your insurance to boost your cash flow and see what positive changes come from the decision.