The Importance of A Good Workers Compensation Insurance Broker

In the healthcare industry safety is emphasized as a priority. Most nursing homes have a dual requirement to protect both the patients and the staff. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries are an unavoidable part of life, perhaps even more so in nursing homes. After all, many of the residents are frail and often in poor health.

While situations concerning patients will require a different policy altogether, your clients will need to obtain coverage for workers comp. This should involve working with a workers compensation insurance broker who understands the needs of staff suffering from any work related injuries.

Nurses and attendants, in particular those assigned the task of lifting and moving patients, tend to suffer more serious injuries, especially to their lower backs and necks. Many other injuries often result due to fatigue or exhaustion, especially for those workers faced with having to work long hours.

Facilities are aimed at trying to reduce injuries

Many nursing homes are now built to protect the patients and staff and this tends to lower the risk of injury. Physical hazards and other causes of most of the injuries to nursing home employees include the lifting of patients, which is the most common cause of work-related injury. In addition, moving patients in and out of beds causes a lot of physical stress, often leading to musculoskeletal injuries. Improper use of hypodermic needles can lead to needle sticks and prickswhich are among some of the most common concerns.

Medical care for injuries is readily available as part of the workers compensation programs because most states require a nurse to be on duty at all times. For severe injuries, medical facilities are usually located near nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The cost of indemnity benefits for workers comp injuries at nursing homes average approximately the same as workers comp benefits for all industries.

While many of the jobs in this industry require the ability to lift patients, accommodations for staff returning from sick leave due to injury are often available. There are other positions that workers, unable to lift patients, could possibly undertake.

A workers compensation insurance broker can help with decisions pertaining to coverage for workers in the event they are injured on the job. This is a requirement and an important aspect of any business since a violation often results in severe fines. Make sure your client has coverage at all times.