How To Plan for Severe Storms on the Road

Spring brings storms that move across the nation. From tornadoes to hail, thunderstorms can cause dangers on the road. Besides protecting your truck with Great West Truck Insurance, truck drivers can take a few steps to have safe travels when dangerous weather strikes.

Plan Ahead

Keep an eye on the weather on long drives especially when crossing state lines. Make sure you understand what different weather terms mean such as tornado warning versus tornado watch. See if you can go around a storm. If not, make a plan to shelter somewhere safe.

During the Storm

Driving in heavy winds can be very dangerous for truckers. Tunnels, mountains and overpasses can funnel wind and increase the impact. Strong winds can impact your ability to keep your rig in the lane or can cause the rig to flip on its side. In areas of tornadoes, find a safe place to shelter and avoid driving in the storm.

After the Storm

Storms can leave behind a trail of debris once they pass. Be aware of any debris on the roadway or water flowing over the roads.

Great West Truck Insurance covers the risks and liabilities facing truckers. Take your protection a step further by paying attention to the National Weather Service this spring. Being extra cautious around storms can ensure you and your cargo arrive safely to your destination.