How to Create a Culture of Safety in Manufacturing

Best practices in manufacturing operations start with instituting a culture of safety. A corporate culture focused on safety doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It starts with management then focuses on the process and finally on accountability to effectively work.


The insurance firm HILB Group of Florida states that upper management should spearhead the culture of safety using a top-down approach. The management can define the safety responsibilities of each part of the company. They can then make sure employees have the proper training and understanding to keep the business and staff safe.


Management should take the time to evaluate the current processes in place. This allows them to see what needs to be changed or tweaked to create a safer workplace. Identifying the roof issues of each incident can help the team adjust the process and safety protocol for various tasks or jobs.


As the team creates processes, employees need to understand the importance of reporting all safety incidents no matter how small. Only with accountability can the team improve safety in the environment as a whole. Each employee should be held accountable not just management or the foreman.

Communication is key to any process being a success and safety is no different. A culture of safety is one of the key best practices in manufacturing operations.