How the Right Insurance Can Help in the Face of Tragedy

How the Right Insurance Can Help in the Face of Tragedy

Death is a topic many people tend to shy away from. While thinking about one’s own mortality can prove to upset, it also is a very necessary aspect of planning for your future. Saving for your funeral can be a useful way to prepare for the unknown and help your loved ones in the event of a tragedy. In addition, you also might want to consider taking out pre-need funeral insurance.

What Is a Pre Need Policy?

To understand this type of insurance, it can be helpful to explore the basics. In essence, this policy is one that helps to cover the costs of funeral arrangements. Often, it is a policy taken out from an insurance agency or a funeral home and a predetermined amount for spending is set.

What Will Be Covered?

Funeral expenses can run deep. If you choose to get buried in a traditional plot, you must pay for the plot, the coffin, and the expenses related to digging the plot, preparing the body, and any in-house funeral events like a wake. This can cost close to $9,000 on average. Cremation is only slightly less expensive, with the average cost of cremation with a funeral service running over $6,000.

Due to these high figures, pre-need funeral insurance aims to cover all the associated costs. In order to determine whether this type of policy is right for your needs, reach out to an agent and learn more about your options.