How Insurance Benefits a Commercial Cleaning Service

Business locations require constant cleaning to maintain the property in excellent shape, avoid health hazards and welcome customers and employees. As such, commercial cleaners provide a service critical to their success. To protect both their clients and their own business, these providers rely on commercial cleaning service insurance.

Choosing Commercial Cleaning Insurance

Commercial cleaning companies use numerous tools, equipment and other resources to clean extensive, multi-floor complexes and locations. The elaborate nature of the work increases the chances of alleged omissions or errors that leave the client unsatisfied. These incidents not only cost the client but also affect the cleaning company. A solid insurance plan prevents this loss and protects the cleaning business simultaneously.

Types of Insurance Coverage

Commercial cleaning insurance can provide full or partial coverage, depending on the company’s needs. According to, a typical inclusive insurance plan covers the following aspects:

Company Property and Building
Business Liability
Workers’ Compensation
Company Auto and Vehicle
Umbrella Coverage

There are also additional plans that companies use for more specific scenarios, such as employee theft and lost key coverage. Whether the companies choose inclusive or separate plans depends on their needs and priorities.
Cleaning and maintenance of commercial locations are important services with high demand. The companies providing these services need insurance to protect their clients and themselves from any potential damages or losses.