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Homeowners Coverage For Texas Residents

Owning a home once represented the American dream. While many have opted to rent, either because housing is too expensive in the city where they choose to live, or they simply don’t want to be tied down to a piece of property, many still seek to become homeowners. There’s a certain satisfaction in having a place to call your own, somewhere that you can create memories for your family and yourself.

Buying and tending to a home also represents years of hard work and upkeep. It’s vital that you protect your investment with the proper selection of insurance coverages that will protect against things like property damage, liability losses, and other issues that can arise. Get Preferred Insurance can give you that peace of mind and help you to avoid putting that investment at risk.

Protect against serious exposures that may exist

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover your dwelling if your house is ever seriously damaged or destroyed by a covered loss. This includes fire, electrical fires, wind, and other covered losses. Your personal property, things like furniture, clothing, appliances, equipment, etc. will also be covered if damaged, stolen or destroyed. In addition, any other structures, such as a detached garage, storage shed or fence would be covered if it had to be repaired or rebuilt.

You can optionally add coverage to your homeowner’s insurance policy, or purchase separate insurance policies that offer even more protection. Flood protection, not included in most home insurance policies, or for earthquakes that have been associated with drilling in the region. Hurricane Harvey certainly pointed out the need to purchase flood insurance in certain areas. You can get liability protection beyond your current home and auto policy limits with personal umbrella coverage from Get Preferred Insurance.

Also, if you were to suffer a loss where your home becomes uninhabitable for any length of time, forcing you to relocate and stay at a hotel or rental home while repairs or rebuilding takes place, your homeowner’s policy would respond by paying for those costs. This involves the additional living expenses you could incur during any temporary move.