Home Insurance and Fire Safety Tips

Home Insurance and Fire Safety Tips

There’s a heightened risk of fire-related accidents during the winter months due in part to the increased use of heating appliances. This likely will be an issue for many New Jersey residents that are used to using portable heaters to keep their homes and garages warm. While space heaters, when operated properly, are perfectly safe, they can also be considered extremely dangerous when left unattended, especially where a pet or child could get burned or tip over the heater. This is an item that should never be improperly used.

When using a space heater, make sure the space around the heater is always kept clear. Keep anything flammable far away; anything that is too close could quite easily catch fire. In addition to purchasing a New Jersey home insurance policy to protect your finances, there are several safety precautions that should be taken to minimize the risk of a potential fire breaking out in your house.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are a vital source of protection when using heat-producing appliances. Make that you have properly working smoke detectors installed on each level of your home, and change the batteries regularly, as well as perform a test on the detectors monthly to ensure they are functioning properly. This includes installing them in the basement and the hallway right outside of your bedrooms.

Discuss the escape plan with your family

In the event of a fire, you need to have an established emergency escape plan. Draw out a floor plan of the house and label all exits. Each and every family member should know at least two ways out of the house. Practice the escape plan several times, and make sure you have a designated meeting place outside of the house.

The fireplace can also create a dangerous situation

While everyone enjoys sitting around the fireplace on a cold evening, you need to make sure that the chimney has been properly cleaned before doing so. Any debris that has been stuck in the chimney could possibly cause a fire, or can block smoke from properly escaping. You should also have a sturdy screen around the fire in order to prevent sparks from flying out.

Fire safety can help protect you, your loved ones and your valuable home. Home insurance can help you pick up the pieces whenever fire damage does occur.