Heat Pumps May Save Money on Orlando Home Insurance

For Florida homeowners looking to invest in a product that will enhance their overall condition of living during the hot summer months, heat pumps are great, energy-efficient HVAC system that moves heat in order to control the climate of certain parameters within the home. These systems are perfect for Orlando residents, because they are most effective in temperatures that never reach below freezing.

If and when you decide to upgrade your heating and cooling system with a heat pump, you will add value to your property, reduce your carbon emissions, and eventually earn back what you invest through energy-savings and rebates. You may even be eligible to receive discounts on Orlando home insurance, so speak to an agent about the possibility of savings.

Hurricane season is now upon us

Florida’s hurricane season runs from the start of June until November with the worst months being from late August until October. It can be really humid and the almost daily thunderstorms are not as predictable as you might think. The summer months bring high humidity, and afternoon thunderstorms. If you absolutely must go out in the summer, and if you plan your day right, you can be home before these thunderstorms hit.

It is definitely not recommended to spend the entire day out in the summer sun and heat. If your skin is not used to the intense Florida sun be sure to wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. And consider bringing a rain poncho for those occasional afternoon cloudbursts.

Due to the high humidity of the season, it’s recommended that you purchase a heat pump, plus you’re going to receive many benefits and bonuses by owning one of these systems. One of the other great benefits to owning a heat pump in Orlando includes the quality of air produced by these systems, as well as the ability to regulate humidity, unlike a typical central air conditioning system.

Some of the more inferior heat pumps use the outside air to transfer warm air from one place to another. In the hot summer months, Orlando residents can use their heat pumps to reverse hot air through refrigeration, essentially cooling the home through the transference and reversal of hot air. Because these systems enable users to save substantially on fuel and electricity, they are amongst the only HVAC options that essentially pay for themselves over time, and like Orlando home insurance, they are a value-added commodity.