Good Insurance SEO Can Make a Huge Difference

As an insurance agent you fully understand that you work in one of the most competitive industries and that this requires that you to take a rather unique approach to improving your agency’s presence online. This is accomplished easily enough through Insurance SEO that helps drive traffic to your website, a process that should definitely pay off in high conversion rates when the proper approach is taken.

Optimize your site for local searches

Use of particular keywords helps to improve rankings, which is rather important but also remember using the most obvious keyword phrases doesn’t really help because its too generic and everyone else will be doing the same thing. This simply results in the major providers ranking highest, while smaller companies such as yours will be relegated to the back pages. The reason why these sites show up on page one is because they have more high-quality links, as well as more viable content, along with a lot more social media mentions than the average agency usually has in comparison.

You’ll probably find that you will likely have more success, for example, by focusing on the city in which your office is located. By optimizing your website for those searching for insurance in your area you’ll draw a lot of local attention to your site. The fact is that a person who lives close to where you have your offices is more likely to purchase insurance through your agency than one that is much farther away. This can turn out to be a great advantage for smaller firms.

Use long tail keywords to attract more traffic

Blogs can play a significant role in the Insurance SEO strategy since your agency can publish articles that target less competitive long tail keywords with the focus being statewide. Use of long tail key word phrases can help your SEO efforts by increasing your reach through the process of providing customers with articles and information that answer specific questions they might have an interest in.

Links are yet another important factor since Google and other search engines will rank websites with lots of links higher in searches than a site with only a few links. By increasing the number of links to your website you will enable your Insurance SEO marketing strategy to rank high in many of the more competitive keyword searches.