Florida Workers Compensation Insurance and the Claims Process

As an employer you’re going to need Florida workers compensation insurance for all employees who become injured or ill while performing their job-related duties. If one of your workers is ever injured on the job the manager, or supervisor, is going to need to walk them through the workers’ compensation claims process.

There are a few important things to keep in mind as it is easy to get caught up in the processes involved and no one wants to wind up making the wrong decisions, since that could easily hurt their ability to receive the full benefits.

Instruct employees to report any injury immediately

Employees often suffer an injury but decide not to report it for any number of reasons. Generally they’ll say that “it’s no big deal” or “I’m not badly hurt’, but it’s vital to have them report any incident or accident, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, as soon as possible after it happens.

They should be instructed to provide a written description of the incident and give this to their human resources (HR) department. This starts a paper trail for any investigators or insurers, as well as the attorney that may eventually become involved in the case. Realize that, just because the incident is reported to HR doesn’t necessarily mean that a claim against the workers’ comp policy will follow, but it is a needed procedure if filing a claim is deemed to be prudent. This protects both, the employer and the employee.

Anyone that reports being injured on the job is entitled by law to see a doctor. It really doesn’t matter who is at fault. Whether the injury is the result of employer negligence or simply due to the worker being distracted or not giving the task their full attention, employees in Florida are still entitled to see a physician and, depending on the severity of the injury, may be eligible for workers’ compensation wage benefits.

Ways to prevent injuries from occurring

The most important aspect to consider is having a safety program in place, along with training for specific jobs and tasks. Weekly meetings, a suggestion box, even quizzes to assess the capabilities of your staff can all help in reducing the amount of on-the-job injuries. Still, nothing is more important than having Florida workers compensation insurance in place for when accidents do occur.