Florida Windstorm Insurance is Vital to Residents

Many areas in Florida face the threat of hurricanes and wind and hailstorms with some degree of frequency. Unfortunately, they are a common occurrence with many inherent risks to residents living there. Wind and hail are covered under a Florida windstorm insurance policy, an important consideration to people purchasing insurance living in areas subject to sub-tropical climates.

When a disaster of this nature strikes, it’s important to have a safety plan in place that ensures family members understand the danger and do their part to keep safe. In the aftermath, when a home experiences damage by a windstorm or hurricane, its necessary that the owner immediately notify their insurer, putting into motion the process for getting any repairs or restoration underway as soon as possible.

Understand that many of your neighbors will likely be in the same boat, so it may take time to get the desired response from your agent. You may even need to resort to finding suitable temporary living conditions while repairs are underway. Your homeowners insurance should cover expenses for lodging, clothing, food, and other necessities for a designated period of time.

Unlike flooding, water damage is a covered loss

A windstorm policy will also provide coverage for water damage due to water entering the premises through some type of damage to the property as a result of the storm. It’s important to discern whether or not flooding is the issue at hand. You’ll need a separate flood policy to deal with issues that are a direct result of flooding.

You may need to provide a sworn statement pertaining to damages

The agent may ask for a sworn statement relating to the specifics of damages incurred, or any other information vital in determining the rights to provisions within the contract.

The insurer may also request that the homeowner provide them with any documents or personal information that they feel is required in assessing coverage as well as terms and conditions of any required repairs.

Florida windstorm insurance can alleviate many concerns when a hurricane or tropical storm causes an upheaval in your life and daily routine. Speak to your agent about any questions or concerns you have regarding these particular products.