Fire Safety and California Restaurant Insurance

The restaurant business is going well in California. Weekends are when most family style and fine dining establishments are filled with patrons out for a nice time and a good meal. But is your restaurant safe from fire concerns? Have you, as an owner, done everything in your power in the area of fire prevention?


Sure, restaurant insurance in California will help repair or rebuild your place of business should a fire partially or totally damage the structure, but you must also take certain precautions to prevent this from occurring in the first place.


Building design and construction


Take a tour of the facilities and decide if your answers to these questions put your restaurant in compliance:


  • Is the facility in compliance with local building and fire prevention codes?


  • Have any renovations and/or alterations been made since the last inspection?


  • Are concealed spaces properly fire protected?


  • Are cooking areas separated from all other spaces by firewalls or fire barriers?


  • Are the building’s furnishings and decorations fire retardant?


  • Are all exterior areas of the business property illuminated?


You should provide workers and customers with at least two fire exits provided with panic hardware and not locked with chains or padlocks. Clearly visible signs must indicate the locations of fire exits as well.


Electrical systems can be the cause of fire issues


Having a licensed inspector check the electrical system to ensure that it is in good working condition is a smart choice. In lieu of that, ask yourself the following:


  1. Is the electrical system adequate to handle the expected loads?
  2. Is electrical equipment used in wet areas provided with ground fault protection?
  3. Do appliances meet product safety standards?
  4. Are electrical cords and connections for appliances inspected before use?


Smoke detectors, fire alarms, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers should all be inspected regularly and always in working condition. And if your current California restaurant insurance policy needs updating you should speak to a qualified agent today.


photo credit: KellyB. cc