Fire Prevention Safety and Homeowners Insurance in CT

Fortunately most people haven’t experienced their home being ravaged by a fire. This can be a devastating and life-changing experience. It can be less so with homeowners insurance in ct, which will be responsive should you have a complete loss or if you need repairs in the event you should fall victim to a fire inside your home. But you should also practice specific safety measures that will reduce the chances of this ever occurring. Here are some useful tips to help prevent such occurrences from happening.

Fire hazards exist in most homes

One easy way to avoid starting a fire while cooking is by not wearing long sleeves as they can very easily catch fire. Also, keep handles of pots and pans turned inward, as this will lessen the chance of their being accidentally knocked over. Household trash should be kept in a covered cylinder and away from any heat source as well.

Its also important to keep the house free of oily rags. Your cleaning materials should be kept in a ventilated area, away from any heat source as vapors given off by these substances can ignite when they come into contact with a heat source, such as a pilot light.

Teaching your children not to play with matches is crucial. Keep any matches in a closed metal container out of the reach of children. While romantic or soothing to many, never leave candles burning unattended. For smokers, remember that a carelessly discarded cigarette is often one of the leading causes of fire deaths in the US.

Electrical hazards are another common concern

Never put foil or other metals in a microwave oven as this can easily cause an electrical fire to break out. Check all household lamps, appliance cords and light switches to make sure there is no faulty wiring and never overload electrical circuits.

Preparation is a key to fire safety

In order to be better prepared in the event of a fire, family members should practice drills every six months and everyone, including little ones, should know how to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

Have at least two exits from every room and assign a meeting place where everyone can meet after they escape the house. Proper planning can reduce losses and save lives, and homeowners insurance in ct can help put things back the way they once were.