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How to File a Manufacturer Insurance Claim

Whether your manufacturing business is small or large, there are risk exposures that are unavoidable. There’s the potential for injuries and accidents due to employees operating heavy machinery. You may incur property damage due to fire. Whatever the situation, having manufacturer insurance in Orlando is an important part of your company’s financial game plan. With that said, at some point, you will need to file a claim. Knowing the proper steps to take can save time and reduce stress.

The process for filing a claim should take place soon after an incident occurs. Delays slow down the processing time. It will also take longer to receive funds. Assess the situation thoroughly. In the event of an ongoing hazard, property damage or injury, call emergency services. Fill out a police report. Keep a copy for your files and the insurance agency. Call your insurer. Give the agent as much detailed information about the incident as possible. During this time, the agent will help you complete the necessary paperwork. Finally, the insurer will assign a claims adjuster to your case. The adjuster’s duties include verifying damages, performing investigations and settling claims.

There’s a lot that goes into filing claims. When it comes to manufacturer insurance in Orlando, you can make the process less stressful by following a few simple procedures.