Drug Testing in the Changing Country

Insurance companies like the Owens Group know that the lines can be a bit blurred when it comes to marijuana use policies in businesses. They can help you understand what sorts of insurance you and your employees need as the laws fluctuate.

Drug Testing or Not?

If you are the business owner, consider your personal feelings on the issue. You are allowed to create the company standards you believe are fair as long as they are within the law. There are 10 states in the United States that allow the use of recreational marijuana. Do you live in one? Think about what insurance and company policies you might include in your business.

Is general liability insurance enough to cover your business if an employee is involved in a work accident and tests positive for marijuana in their system? What about their right to partake if they choose to?

Think about how you wish to handle drug tests in the future, and whether you need to change your insurance plans. Understand the laws included with the Americans with Disabilities Act and know how to handle users of medicinal marijuana.

Remember that employees who have a commercial drivers license are absolutely required to pass a drug test.

The cannabis industry is a hot-button issue right now. Between the ongoing battle of its good for you versus its a gateway drug!, businesses need to know the local laws in their state and insure accordingly.