Dog Bite Insurance Provide Owners Protection When Their Pets Bite

As any dog owner knows, they bear the main responsibility for ensuring their dogs do not cause harm to others. Unfortunately, people tend to be victims of dogs who normally behave themselves but suddenly have an unexpected reaction after being triggered by an event of some type. Dog bite insurance is coverage specifically intended to aid dog owners who face a lawsuit due to instances where there dog has caused someone physical harm.


Preventing dog bites can reduce this exposure


Even those dog owners who swear that their dog is harmless should take a few precautions to make sure it stays calm around other people and other animals. Putting the animal in social settings is the single most important thing a pet owner can do. It’s always best to start this process early. For example, introducing a new puppy to other dogs, as well as people, will teach him or her important behavioral skills.


Anyone thinking about buying or adopting a dog should take time to discover its history. There may be something in the animal’s past that could be a deterrent to making the animal a household pet. Owners should never let their dog have free rein of the neighborhood because, if something goes wrong, they’ll end up liable for the animal’s actions.


Others should be weary around strange and unfamiliar dogs


Don’t approach an unfamiliar dog without the owner’s permission. Dogs tend to read a person’s body language and facial expressions. If approached by a dog, whether with their owner or running around without a leash, remain calm and speak in a relaxed voice.


Be especially careful not to bother a dog that is eating, sleeping or caring for its puppies.
Check for these signs to learn what warning signals a dog may issue that they’re about to pounce:

  • Their tail becomes stiff
  • The hair on their back begins to rise
  • Their ears move backward or forward
  • They growl or reveal their teeth
  • They freeze in response to a touch or a look, or
  • They make direct, intense eye contact

When noticing any of these warning signs, the best course of action is to stand still, hands at side, and refrain from making noise or eye contact with the dog – in most cases, he’ll lose interest and leave.


photo credit: shinealight cc