Confidently Address Transport Liability

When owner-operators are looking for a straightforward approach to purchasing truck driver insurance, turning to industry professionals like the team at one way to navigate the many choices available. Before settling on a policy, know what is required by law and what is a smart investment for your operations.

Blanket Policy Options

There are multiple scenarios across the different types of trucking vehicles, types of cargo, and routes or transport locations that might all require a different coverage type. A liability insurance policy will cover damage done to other parties or injuries associated with accidents caused by the truck driver. Semi-truck insurance is a blanket coverage that usually involves situations hauling cargo or with non-business driving.

Minimum Requirements for Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires public liability insurance coverage for all owner-operators, motor carriers, and freight forwarders. Drivers who are under the lease aren’t generally required to carry this insurance because the motor carriers policy should cover incidents. It is also mandated that interstate truckers have a minimum of $750,000 coverage with trucking liability. Although not required, physical damage coverage can help with damage created by natural disasters, theft, accidents, or vandalism.

Having truck driver insurance is both a required purchase and a wise investment. By making a purchase that will address your areas of exposure, you can confidently continue your operations and transport routes.