Common Concerns That Require Convenience Stores Insurance

As a convenience store owner, you offer individuals the opportunity to pick up a few standard items, such as milk and bread, as well as other commonly available items, like aspirin, tobacco, newspapers, snacks, novelty items, and even some canned or packaged foods, without all the hassles and crowds associated with a supermarket.

Some other services may include gasoline, diesel fuel, car washes, fuel oils, and beer and wine where permitted. You may also offer up deli-type food services, such as sandwiches and beverages to go. Your convenience store can conceivably carry any consumer product, but there are risks and concerns with both the property your business resides on, and the products and services you provide.

Sanitary conditions and strict housekeeping standards are essential and crucial to help prevent losses. You have to maintain a clean and safe environment, and you need convenience stores insurance to protect against a number of exposures, which include:

  1. Property exposure exists from many ignition sources. Cars running their engines while fueling up, and any equipment (food heating units, refrigerators) that may overload or overheat. If there are gasoline sales, there is the additional exposure to the fumes and the potential for an explosion.
  2. Crime exposure is an issue as the possibility of employee dishonesty and theft of money and securities exists. Plus, this type of business is an attractive location for holdups due to its late night/early morning hours.
  3. Premises liability exposure comes from slips and falls to both, workers and patrons, whether from oil spills and auto residue, or wet bathroom and store floors.
  4. Liquor liability exposures are mostly from selling liquor to underage individuals and those who may already be intoxicated.
  5. Automobile liability exposure generally is limited to hired or non-ownership liability exposures from employees using their vehicles to perform errands.
  6. Workers compensation exposures come from lifting that can cause back injuries, hernias, sprains, strains, and slips and falls. 

And there are a slew of other coverages to consider, so with so many concerns, now might be a good time to speak to an agent about your convenience stores insurance needs.