Car Insurance Discounts You Might Not Have Known About

You might not have known that you may be eligible for discounts on your car insurance premiums if you are a homeowner, have a short commute to work, or do not drive on a daily basis. But these are just a few of the discounts that you might want to talk about with your insurance agent. There are a lot of ways to save on your car insurance in Orlando. Here are just three ways to do it.

Homeowner Discounts

If you own your own home, you may be eligible for discounts on your premium as well. Almost a quarter of all insurance companies offer this discount and it might be worth asking your insurance agent about it, as savings can be up to six percent of your premium.

Loyalty Pays Off

If you have been with the same company for a long period of time, such as a year, three years, or five years, your car insurance provider may reward you in the form of discounts or other bonuses. You might find that insurance agencies are eager to keep you around, so asking about this can lead to big payoffs.

Pay In Full or Electronically

Many companies offer discounts on customers’ car insurance in Orlando if they pay their premium ahead of time rather than month to month. There may also be a discount available if you have your premium automatically deducted from your bank account each month.


photo credit: wilbanks cc