How Can CAA Insurance Protect Your Agency?

Community action agencies are integral to the betterment of society but with the work come risks. Insurance for CAAs can offer protection and peace of mind. Here are four ways they do just that.




Coverage can assist with claims relating to injury, physical and sexual abuse, loss of services, medical claims and even funeral expenses. A policy can extend to any or all people who fall into these categories associated with your facility:


  • Employees
  • Directors/Administrators
  • Volunteers


Protection covers claims made against these people as well as claims made by any of them against the agency.




Not all good deeds are done onsite. There are likely fundraisers and other events that show up on the calendar from time to time. Insurance for CAAs can cover these in the event any bodily injury or property damage occurs, as well as other issues. If liquor is present your event can still be eligible with liquor liability.




If an employee or volunteer is driving an agency vehicle or driving their own on agency related business, the organization can suffer a financial impact if an accident or injury occurs. Auto liability coverage can substantially minimize costs.




You will be covered in the case of employee related crime. This can include property theft, embezzlement, forgery, fraud and a number of other criminal offenses.


Insurance for CAAs should be researched to ensure the proper coverage is received to meet your needs. Make sure your organization is protected as well as the people within it.


photo credit: International Information Program (IIP) cc